Leadership and People...People who need...people...

Babs once sang that "People, People who need people, are the luckiest people in the world..."

As a customer, I need people.

Everytime I call a company and get a phone tree, I will always push zero in the hopes that it will bypass the system and get me to a person.

I know you do it too.

Ally Bank has done a nice job with its current branding regarding customer service.  If you have not seen their "blender" commercial, click here or just watch it below.


I was at Wal-Mart last night looking for a travel shaving kit.  Boy, it took a long time to find.  I tried housewares, then by the suitcases, then over to toiletries, and finally I found it in the women's make-up section. 

I planned to ask the door greeter where I should look, but I forgot they were downsized...and replaced with this sign.

Blenders...signage...what's next?

Neither are a good replacement for good old fashioned human interaction.

How is your company handling its customers? 


People...need people...



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